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i ordered a mystery grab bag of fabric bc it was like $30 for 22-30 yards of apparel fabric and it just came in today... extremely exciting + there were some REALLY choice picks

like. i'm so excited to use that silver, the pleather, and the black and red floral... my parents liked some of the stripey ones so i'll probably use those for stuff for them. and there's also everything i need to sew myself a new binder that i can custom fit to myself

there were only four "no" fabrics out of all this, and that's bc they were very pastel-y types- which i could probably give to a friend who rlly digs those colors!

also it skews very far dark bc i put in some requests for colors- and i prefer dark colors. i've seen other ppl post their very vibrant and colorful hauls too!

if anyone somehow reading this is interested, i got the xl box from here!