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A cropped screenshot of user René Divo's Ko-fi page showing the cover image, profile picture, username, and link:

Ko-fi Commissions |

i have a ko-fi now where you can donate and i'll draw for you! here's what it says:

Laptop for my birthday 🎂

38% of $558 goal

My computer just broke and I lost all my data! I'm unemployed with no benefits and the only work available is remote. Help me keep drawing and make ends meet! 💪

🔄 sharing is super appreciated! tell your friends about these amazing prices:

$1 = pencil sketch

$2 = ink drawing

$4 = digital painting

$6 = digital drawing (lineart + colors + shading)

+$1 per extra character

+$3 for a complex background

😎 if you think i'm underpricing, just donate the rest! thanks a lot.

EDIT: fixed the link!

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the link doesn't open idk why

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